The last of the two remaining members of Bangtan Boys, J-Hope and SUGA, shared the reason for their song selections for the upcoming BTS anthology album "Proof" over the weekend.

The K-pop band's official Twitter handle dropped the last two snippets of their seven-part series of "Proof Of Inspiration", where each of the members talked about what is their "Proof" and why they included their respective two songs.

The whole series was among the promotional activities lined up for the countdown to the release of the new album on June 10.

In the last released snippet, J-Hope talked about his reasons for including "Outro : Ego" and "Her" in the album. According to the singer, "Her" is a love song essentially, however, some of his fans interpreted the song's lyrics as being more complex, equating it with the feeling of pressure for reshaping who they are for "her".

Hobi added that there can be numerous interpretations, but there are times when he has to wear a mask for hiding the different sides of him, which he does not particularly want to show anyone else.

The K-pop idol shared that sometimes he hides a side of his because he does not want to expose that side of him either. However, all the sides are him. Hobi disclosed that he has come to accept all his sides as part of his identity and his ego because all his fans accept all of him. They accept who he is just as he is and his ego is his "Proof".

Watch J-Hope talk about his "Proof of Inspiration" here.

Meanwhile, SUGA's song selection included picking two songs that have completely contrasting styles. They include the relatively calm "Trivia ## : Seesaw" and the more powerful and full of energy "BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER (Featuring Supreme Boi).

SUGA discussed that he wonders what sort of songs he can come up with ranging between these two completely polar opposite songs. According to him, it is both meaningful and fun to come up with ideas for expanding his musical spectrum.

SUGA also thinks that always challenging himself with no limits in the musical spectrum is who he is, it is who BTS is. He guesses that his music, and the music of BTS, are the products of these thoughts and ideas, and they are his "Proof".

Watch SUGA talk about his "Proof of Inspiration" here.