BTS members Kim Taehyung aka V and Jungkook are in the spotlight again for their great looks. The two K-pop megastars recently topped the special awards rankings for the "Most Handsome and Beautiful in the World 2022" online polls.

Since the formation of the band, each member has been recognized for their unparalleled and unique abilities. In the span of their successful career, in addition to winning many awards for their music and singing talent, The Bangtan Boys the members have also won numerous online voting contests and polls for various categories, maintaining their status as No.1.

Most notably, TaeTae and the band's golden maknae have consistently dominated various poll rankings, which included one recently held by a Brazilian Entertainment site, called Dabeme Pop's online contest.

The online media platform called Special Awards hosted its yearly polling for the "Most Handsome and Beautiful in the World 2022". The results of the online poll were announced on May 9.

It was not surprising to see two of the world-renowned and much-loved members of BTS securing the first two ranks. V won the first position and Jungkook won the second position.

Incidentally, though they earned the first two spots, V and Jungkook were not the only members of BTS to feature on the list. Jimin ranked at number nine, J-Hope came 11th, Jin was placed 12th, and RM got the 13th spot. Six out of the seven BTS members, except SUGA, featured on the list.

People over the world voted for famous and popular celebrities over the past two months to rank thise they believed were the most deserving. Many K-pop stars and Korean actors featured on the list in high positions.

The members of another mega K-pop band BLACKPINK also feature high on the list including band unnie Jisoo in the fourth place and Jennie in the fifth place, while Lisa took the 8th spot.

It should be noted that these online polls are determined on the basis of numerous interactions and trends on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Meanwhile, V has also been recently praised for his charming visuals and symmetrical face by South Korean surgeons in a YouTube video posted by MARQ TV.

According to a statement byDr. Lee Jae-jun, Taehyung can be called a three-dimensional treasure-class beauty. The surgeon stated that the facial attributes of V were unrealistically handsome with a divine proportion that had a blend of both Western and Eastern beauty standards.

See the full 50 ranking of the Special Awards here.