K-pop girls' group Red Velvet recently attended a press showcase related to their special mini album's release.

Band leader Irene described the new album, "The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm", as something that signals the starting of The ReVe Festival, which is the band's very own festival. She also added that the group plans on continuing their activities with multiple promotions, starting with this album, and pleaded fans to look forward to what the girls have in store.

Red Velvet is popularly known by the audience and their fans as summer queens due to the hit song "Red Flavor". The group also spoke about returning with a brand new concept, which has never been attempted before, during the spring season this year.

Band member Wendy explained that they thought for the concept of spring it was important to put focus on the sense of smell and the sense of sight. She added that there is a scent of flowers and also the visuals of each of the members.

The singer felt that while watching the new music video the fans might feel as if they were smelling flowers in the air. Wendy also said that it will be a very exciting season for the band, as the spring season is symbolic of beginnings.

The members also revealed how it felt to become a part of the "Half Million-Sellers" club with their new album that has garnered more than 510,000 copies in pre-orders.

Band member Seulgi disclosed that she started her day feeling very happy after getting to know that pre-orders for the album had surpassed 510,000 copies. She also thought that so many fans had waited for the comeback, so she wanted to make good memories with them.

The band also gave an insight into their wishes and goals for their latest comeback promotions. According to Wendy, many people hear "spring carols" during spring. Therefore, this year the group would like to take on the role of spring carol singers. She added that the band members want to be known as spring queens.

Seulgi stated that since their last solo concert was delayed unfortunately due to the pandemic, she hopes that Red Velvet can hold their solo concert safely this year and also stay healthy while promoting.

Co-band member Joy said that the group plans to have numerous comebacks this year and hopes to become the queens of every season. Irene added to this point by saying that it is only their first album of this year but they will go on releasing multiple albums in 2022.