The map of a village, which is located in the South Korean city of Busan, has sparked controversy as it has revealed the former home of BTS member Jungkook's grandmother.

According to a report in the Busan Ilbo newspaper, the Yeonje District Community Security Council and Yeonsan Village Social Welfare Center of Busan's Yeonje District published a Yeonsan village map in 2021.

The map, which shows major tourist attractions such as public parks and even schools, is being called controversial as it also highlights the former home of Jungkook's grandmother. The house has specifically been marked with a caption on the map saying that this is where BTS Jungkook's grandmother used to stay.

According to the Yeonsan Village Welfare Center, when they were drawing up the map of the village it was suggested that they should add interesting elements so they decide to include locations that were related to K-pop idols and stars. The center added that they felt marking the house on the map would enrich the issues to see within the village.

The marked house, which is currently vacant, has been listed as a tourist attraction without Jungkook or BTS's consent or that of the villagers. The village residents have cited the map marking as an invasion of privacy, which is also creating nuisance in the area as visitors keep coming to ask for the location of the home, where Jungkook's grandmother once lived.

One of the village residents said that they do not know where the location of the house is, but young people keep on coming and asking where it is. He added that it is rude for locals to mark a residential area on the map as the house of a famous singer's grandmother.

Netizens have also condemned the action, saying that one can purchase a front row ticket to their idol's concert, but not to their private life. Another person added that in the future if someone else moves into that house, they will be hounded by fans who want to see where Jungkook's grandmother lived.

According to fans and online commentators, it is an invasion of privacy and amounts to the public distribution of private information. They criticized the social welfare middle for their lack of consideration and foresight.

For now, HYBE, BTS, or Jungkook has not commented on the matter. There is also no information available or given regarding the change or withdrawal of the maps.