Lalisa Manoban, or Lisa as she is more popularly known, is the maknae of BLACKPINK who has been breaking records on her own mettle after debuting artist last year.

The superstar K-pop idol topped the Gaon Social Chart as a soloist in the fourth week of 2022. Lisa made it to the chart's top five, becoming the first K-pop female solo act ever to reach this rank.

The Thai-origin rapper placed third on the social chart. The Gaon Social Chart aggregates each social media's popularity, which includes TikTok, YouTube, Mubeat, V Live, and My Celebs Social Index.

Lisa is followed by Winter of aespa in second place and fellow band member Jennie of BLACKPINK in third place.

Incidentally, on January 30 Lisa's solo track "MONEY" broke a Spotify record after hitting a notable total number of streams. The song surpassed 351 million streams as of that day. The song was officially dropped on November 9, 2021, indicating it took just 141 days to get this new milestone on Spotify. "MONEY" is now the most-streamed K-pop solo song in the history of Spotify as well as the most-streamed K-pop debut of all time.'

"MONEY" also broke the 350 million streams record that BLACKPINK's Jennie had achieved with her solo song "SOLO" on January 28.

Meanwhile, the music video of "DDU DU DDU DU" by BLACKPINK has got more than 1.8 billion YouTube views, becoming the first and only K-pop group music video to get the highest number of views yet. The music video has been breaking records for the most, highest, and first views since it was released.

On February 1, BLACKPINK's management company YG Entertainment had announced that the "DDU DU DDU DU" mv had received over 1.8 billion YouTube views at 5:02 pm KST on that day. It has been about 3 years and 7 months since the music video was dropped on June 15, 2018.

On a different note, BLACKPINK's unni Jisoo, who is seen in the K-drama "Snowdrop" these days, and whose filming has just wrapped, recently disclosed Lisa's reaction to the drama's end scene.

During an interactive session on Weverse, which BLACKPINK did with their fans BLINKS, many asked about the maknae's reaction to the final episodes. Jisoo laughed and replied that Lisa apparently screamed after the ending.