Ever since BLACKPINK launched in 2016, Lisa has been sporting bangs and making it her trademark. However, as the Thai rapper will soon drop her solo album, "LALISA," she teased she would be having a new hairstyle showing her forehead.

In an online global press conference for "LALISA," Lisa revealed the upcoming change in her look. As it appears, the BLACKPINK member is now ready to say goodbye to her bangs and show her whole face to the world.

According to AllKpop, the 24-year-old singer hinted at changing her overall appearance by having a new hairstyle. This time, she would remove her bangs-the first time she would do so after the group debuted.

The dancer said she wanted to show a new image, so she would take a big risk and opt for a hairstyle without her iconic bangs. She believed fans had yet to see her forehead without any hair on it, so she teased that it would be a big surprise.

As Lisa revealed that she worked hard for the release of "LALISA," she also participated in the styling. Are fans ready for her new look?

Cheat Sheet noted Lisa had been changing her hair color and style a number of times, but her bangs always stayed the same. She seems to be the only idol who has been deeply committed to her bangs amid the ever-changing hairstyles in the K-pop world.

So, how much Lisa loved her bangs? In an appearance on the Korean show Knowing Bros, she said if a company asked her to get rid of it, it had to pay her $9 million.

If it only demanded to part her bangs in the middle, she would only ask for $4.5 million to give a glimpse of her forehead. Anyhow, the hitmaker seemed to have already done it before.

When Lisa appeared on the reality show Real Man 300 to experience military life in 2018, she had to put her bangs out of her face. She also showed her forehead when she parted her bangs in the middle when she was at an airport to fly to China in Janaury 2020, causing internet frenzy.

In addition, when Lisa uploaded a video of herself cheering for fellow Thai entertainer James Rusameekae Fagerlund's celebrity boxing match, she also showed off her forehead. It looks like fans are about to see this part of her face more when "LALISA" finally drops on Friday, Sept. 10. (Business Times)