Kwon Mina has regained consciousness after attempting suicide.

On the morning of Augus 4, Mina posted on her Instagram and wrote, "I regained consciousness, saw Yoo's statement and posted an explanation (?) about the statement, but I'm still a mythomaniac, perpetrator and psychotic Kwon Mina."

She added, "A lot of you are probably sick and tired of me and are wondering why I'm like this, right? If I tell you it's because its unfair, would you believe me? I'm aware of my wrongdoings and over-the-top behaviors and words. But when I saw Yoo's statement I was itching to say something. But then Shin [Jimin]'s case also came up on its own and everything got worse, whether it was a statement or your discriminatory malicious comments, I'll just try not to say too much."

"I'm the victim. One of the four or five...the longest-lasting victim. It's not mythomania, it's just depression, it's not schizophrenia, it's not bipolar. There were a lot of people that spread false information about a really serious situation. I'd rather you swear at me instead. Even then, my agency and I have collected a lot of data and captured it so don't think about erasing it now. Because anyway, those were your words that you were so confident writing. I'll just reveal what's truth and what's false from everything you accused me of. Even though it's something that won't be erased cleanly. I'm sorry for always being loud and noisy. But if you were in my position for even a day, I don't think those words would ever come out. It's been hard. Really hard. Shin Jimin, Yoo, everything."

PS: "You keep saying you're sick and tired me constantly repeating myself and cosplaying as victim and the names of the other members who keep coming are pitiful for meeting someone like me? I won't show mercy on people like that anymore, those who keep commenting that I'm constantly saying the same thing over and over asking who made me talk again after things quieted down, those who don't know the inside story but talk as if they know everything. I'm confident. And if what I'm saying is mythomania and false, then sue me. I'll keep going until I get rid of the resentment."

Comments From Korean netizens:

  1. [+995, -17] you think Mina and her parents aren't on speaking terms right now?
  2. [+718, -10] Why not post as evidence the behind-the-scenes video talking to a guy saying you hate Jimin? And shouldn't you be getting back bracelet and clothes you gave your ex and filing a lawsuit if you really want to end it? What have you been doing for over a year?
  3. [+614, -15] There's a limit to things...disgusting
  4. [+446, -1] Mina can never let go of the past, she's lived her life blaming others and will do so for the rest of her life. To get rid of painful memories, you need to look inside but she has no intention of ever doing that
  5. [+354, -2] Everything is someone else's fault. She's pure and innocent one. She can't stand seeing her team members doing well and because public opinion changed she attempted suicide.
  6. [+346, -1] It's so ridiculous. Last year, everyone believed her and Jimin retired without an explanation. What more does she want? I'm genuinely curious. She's living comfortably while the other members aren't able to even promote anymore ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. She should've stopped there and would've had public support until now. The boyfriend thing wasn't that long ago but Jimin's case ended a year ago??? Throwing a tantrum like a choding is seriously's boring now
  7. [+229, -1] So she's going to leave Yoo Junyoung like that and go back to exposing Jimin? The word "forgiveness" never existed in Mina's dictionary, did it?
  8. [+177, -7] Jimin was the true victim ㅜㅜ what a pity

SR: Daily Naver Blog