Former AOA member Mina's ex-boyfriend A is speaking out over alleged affair with Mina.

On the 31st, A posted a statement on his IG writing, "I deserve the criticism for having an affair with a celebrity out of curiosity at a young age. I thought I should accept the untrue articles and abusive language without any explanation even though a lot of people were asking for clarification because things got bigger because of my actions. The reason I'm writing now is because I felt that things are getting worse and worse the more I stay silent."

He revealed, "I honestly don't know why I was even slapped in face by Mina after dating for a short while. When we were together, she only bought me a meal and a few plain clothes. Except for one time she gave me a luxury bracelet she wore when she was drunk, I've never received anything financially."

"My first statement was also edited and posted by Mina. Afterwards, when the agency asked if we truly dated and broke up, Mina told me to say we had, so I wrote it and said we dated and broke up. After Mina posted about our relationship, I was worried that my follower count was increasing a lot because of antis but Mina told me to think positively and said I could use it to my advantage later. So I don't understand why she's asking me through text why I posted that like I did. After that, I posted the second statement, but she said, "you're not sorry for anything you did to me, right?"

"I wasn't ghosting her. I just thought couldn't communicate well with her because no matter what I said, she kept saying I was the perpetrator and she was the victim. I honestly didn't know what to say anymore. After this incident, I also suffered a lot mentally so I went to a psychiatrist, took medicine and didn't reply to any calls from Mina."

When I woke up, Mina's mom sent me about 20 photos of Mina's surgery and blood on the floor. The pictures are a bit shocking so I won't share them. I feel so guilty because I think this happened because I went silent and didn't talk to her. Because of that, many people have sent me messages saying I'm a murderer so I'm confused about what to do next. I'll live the rest of my life repenting for cheating on my girlfriend. I'll never get involved with Mina again. I'm sorry to many people."

Comments from Korean Netizes:

  1. [+1,323, -46] This guy doesn't have even a penny to his name but he was able to get his nose surgery paid, tattoos, lived rent-free, and even got free AirPods from his ex-girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ . It's even more hilarious he's saying he didn't receive much when he happily accepted all of's all over his IG
  2. [+866, -24] The part about Mina's mother sending him her bloody photos is honestly the most shocking. I'm speechless..
  3. [+854, -37] From his point of view, she told him, "we can date after things die down" and told him to cover everything up. Then she turned him into a perpetrator and her the perfect victim..
  4. [+683, -12] Everyone expected it would turn out like this after she posted their naked couple selca. The gates of hell opened so it was only a matter of time until suicide threats began. This is a bit faster than expected..
  5. [+462, -10] Ah, now I understand why Mina ended up like that. Her mother is like that so how could her daughter end up normal...
  6. [+422, -4] When he first posted his initial statement, a lot of people thought there were too many similarities in his spelling and tone with Mina...
  7. [+404, -3] Men are known for their affairs so it wasn't that surprising...but this is the first time seeing a woman do such a thing.
  8. [+337, -38] The more I look at it now the more I think Jimin is the most pitiful in all this..
  9. [+300, -5] Mina always sees herself as the victim and everyone else the perpetrator...she was like this with AOA too
  10. [+262, -5] Seeing as Mina's mother even sent him her bloody self-harm photos, it's clear why her daughter is like that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. A psychopath came out of a psychopath ㅋㅋ.

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