Seungri ordered, "call women who put out well" 

K replied, "I'll call them but I don't know if they'll put out if it's not you."

This is Big Bang Seungri's group chat room from December 6, 2015. Those included in the chat were Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong-hun, Yoo In-seok and club officials.

A wealthy Taiwanese businesswoman '○○' acquainted with Seungri was visiting Korea and Seungri did his best to entertain not just her but 3 other men. He spearheaded the scene as if he was a "hospitality" commander and instructed to "call women who put out well" and urged to "do it right" and "don't screw up!"

Seungri stood in court on the 1st and denied all allegations that he solicited prostitution and claimed texts saying "women who put out well" were a typo from his iPhone's auto-correct function. Was he placing blame on the iPhone or was it truly a typo?

Dispatch confirmed the chat room conversation in question.

Seungri: "Make sure you give them whatever they want. Call the girls"

K: "Which girls can we call right now? Why does it have to be the Chinese OMG"

Yoo In Seok: "K, take care of it well so that they don't get mixed up with other people."

Seungri: "Do it right. Don't screw up."

Yoo In seok: "Put a man with them too. One that can handle '○○.' Not one that that speaks English. Guys like XX."

K: "Ok, I'll take care of it."

Seungri: "Ok. What about the girls. Make sure you go with the ones that give it good."

K: "I'll call them but I don't know if they'll give it to them. Would they put out if it's not you guys? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I'll get the low grade girls for now.

K: "I'm calling San Mai right now."

Jung Joon Young: "Chinese guys probably prefer plastic women."

Seungri: "Anyway, make sure you do it right."

Yoo In-seok: "I'm preparing prostitutes right now, if 2 prostitutes come, K lead them to the hotel room."

K: Ok.

K: Two thugs sent. (Alluding to favorite prostitutes)

Their conversations are giving and receiving. Seungri said "those who put out well" and club staff responded "we'll make sure they give it to them." Looking at the context of their conversations, there is no awkwardness.

Let's assume it's a typo. First of all, Seungri didn't correct the typo. Also, auto-correct function autofill's to recommended texts pre-selected by the user.

Also, how can he keep claiming its a typo when Yoo In Seok directly replied and said "he was preparing prostitute?". In other words, <a woman who puts out well > is a <prostitute> to Seungri.

◆ How to get Seungtsby up and down

Seungri is currently denying allegations of prostitution and placing blame solely on his business partner Yoo In Seok who admitted to the charges and was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison for embezzlements. On the 1st, the prosecution did not accept Seungri's excuse and demanded a 5 yr prison sentence and 20 million won fine for Seungri.

Seungri imitated 'The Great Gatsby' and there was never a woman missing in his business and hospitality equation.

Let's take a look at the year-end party prepared for Japanese entrepreneurs in 2015.

This is Seungri's group chat room (November 27, 2015).

Seungri: "Chaiman OOO and guests are coming so I'll prepare a separate party. Let's give back 100x what we got."

Seungri: "Choi Jong-hun, Jung Joon Young. Please find out if there are any pretty girls who can speak Japanese."

Seungri: "K pick a bunch of female and male guests to invite on the 24th. If possible, invite all our close acquaintances to fill up the room."

Friend 1: Ok.

Seungri: "Let's have a Christmas that we feel vicarious satisfaction by entertaining rather than enjoying ourselves. To Chairman OOO, who always sends yachts, sailors, and chefs from Japan to Busan every summer, let's make it fun this time."

Yoo In-seok: "We're going to make a great Gatsby movie."

Yoo In-seok: "Lets call up all the girls we know that day to the extent there are no women in the club. Only boys play in the club anyway and they hate us."

◆ Was it really not his whole life like Seungri says?

Although Seungri admitted that he was a part of the controversial group chats, he ambiguously explained that "the group chat wasn't everything in his life."

Seungri explained, "There are multiple group chats and I also use 5 other SNS. If you miss a moment, you accumulate over 500 missed messages. Just because I was part of the chat doesn't mean I saw all the texts. The reason why Jung Joon Young got arrested was because of the sexual assaults. I wasn't in that chatroom. People I know were involved in it but I wasn't. It's not true."

Can he really be forgiven for not being in that specific "katalk chat?"

According to Seungri's argument, the group chat wasn't his whole life but his inappropriate words and deeds are what's making us second guess how he lived his life.

Friend: "Why is noona A so pretty?"

Jung Joon Young: "A is a b*tch. I ate her and B wellㅋㅋ."

Seungri: "I can't wait to eat her up in the future too."

K: "With her, it all stays a secret."

Seungri: "Amnesia. I don't even remember who I did it with."

Jung Joon Young: "what a shame."

Seungri: "Maybe not."

K: "A rare year for the b*tch."

Jung Joon Young: "When we first met, I didn't watch TV so I don't know. After we got drunk, we were doing the s*** when she started begging me to sing "Becoming Dust."

Seungri: "Want to hear an even funnier storyㅋㅋ? When I was doing it with C noona, I opened my eyes and was like "where did D and E go?


Seungri: "OO was art. Wow. I acknowledge her."

Friend 3: "I touched X's boobs yesterday."

Seungri: "Were they big?"

Friend 3: "All fake."

Seungri: "Today is the day UO comes"

Friend 1: "Stop coming, foreign kids, please."

Seungri: "No, it's one of our investors ㅆㅂㄴ


Seungri: "Yesterday's party was daebak!"

Choi Jong-hun: "It was a success!"

Seungri: "She definitely got it. I'm so into her. Her sister is pretty damn good too."

Jung Joon Young: "Woong's noona surprised me too. There were a lot of hidden gems yesterday."

Friend: "There were too many men though."

Seungri: "Take them away next time. Let's just enjoy our meals together, bros."

Seungri: "I'll eat up the ones in Korea but marry a foreign woman."


Seungri: "Hyung, OO is in Jeju island right now, she called me up today."

Jung Joon Young: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Seungri: "Let me put it in first


Meanwhile, Seungri is currently under trial for total of 9 charges that include sharing molka of women in the group chats, 29 counts of procuring prostitutes, prostitution, embezzling, etc.

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