THE BOYZ's Juyeon graced pictorial for Elle Magazine and sat down for an interview as he looked back on the group's experience on Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War.'

The boy group THE BOYZ won Mnet's 'Road to Kindom' and recently competed on 'Kingdom.' They bagged second place after ten heart-stopping weeks of competition.

Juyeon stated that it was a difficult journey, but they received a lot of love, and they grew from it. Now, they can enjoy performing without a doubt if the public would love them.

He added that they would not also be able to pull it off it had not been a performance for everyone. The effort they gave is not only for the members but also to the staff as well. The group believed in coming together and giving each other some strength to continue the journey.

Every each of the 11 members of the group is entirely different from each other, but they have a deep bond with each other, and it ignites when they are on stage. What is more fascinating is that they all share one mind and one heart when they are on stage.

They gather their hands for a group cheer before going on stage, and they would send each other some signals through their eyes on stage which Juyeon feels a certain electrifying thrill.

THE BOYZ recently announced that they would be making a comeback in August, and they would like to return with an astounding image that would conquer the summer heat.

Moreover, the long-term goal of Juyeon as an individual and an artist is to be someone who has his unique charm. He does not want to compare himself to others, but instead, he accepts himself precisely the way he is.

Juyeon wanted to be someone who will do their best even in the most challenging situation but free enough not to be trapped in that specific thought.