The agency of THE BOYZ has released a statement that they would take legal action against the people who violate the privacy of an artist or known as 'sasaengs.'

On June 22, the agency already uploaded an official statement to the group's fan cafe, describing the inappropriate behavior, issuing a warning, and announcing to take legal action.

The statement started with the agency showing gratitude to the fans who have sent THE BOYZ a lot of support. Although the repeated announcements have made regarding the incidents like visiting personal spaces (such as office buildings, salons, dorms, etc.), following the artist's car and filming unofficial schedules and private rooms has been repeatedly occurred.

After they found the unofficial schedules and despite the restraint from the staff, some of the people continues to interrupt the progress and movement of filming. This behavior has resulted in repeated damage that leads to financial damages regarding content and external and internal complaints.

Moreover, some committed the act that considers one's interest like filming the members' resting place and trespassing their dorm where their private life should be protected. This leads to physical distress to both artists and staff as the violators wait for them and talking to them while filming.

In addition, the agency has decided to track down those who took pictures in the dorm through the CCTV footage. They handed the evidence to the police and would start the legal action from there.

The agency would like to note that they will be immediately transferred to a police station for trespassing and some charges as soon as the violators are identified.

Lastly, on top of finding the members uncomfortable, the agency asks to stop acquiring contact information illegally and stop contacting artists immediately. They once again ask that this behavior is for personal gain that causes inconvenience to stop.