A newly released preview of the upcoming episode of "Kingdom: Legendary War" is up.

The MC, TVXQ's Changmin, announced that the theme of the third official round is 'NO LIMIT.'

The round will be divided into two different parts. For the first part, the three groups will form one team and compete against the other team. Other teams also consist of three groups per team for the game.

Three performances will be made for each team, with 5,000 points at stake for each performance. The three different stages are rap unit, vocal unit, and the other one is for the dance unit performances.

This means that the vocalists from the groups in one team will go against the vocalist from the other group in the other team. One team's rapper will also compete against the other rappers from the other team, and so on.

For the second part of the 'NO LIMIT' round, all the other members will return to their respective groups and prepare for a performance with 'no limits.'

Changmin asked THE BOYZ's Q if there is a group he would like to team up with, and Q briefly answered that there is a person they want to work with. Changmin also told Q to look at the person in question for three seconds, then Q looks straight at Changmin.

The other THE BOYZ members make finger hearts and shoots them at him as well. Changmin looked behind him and wondered who they are trying to charm, and eventually, he realized that it was for himself.

Changmin chuckled and thanked THE BOYZ for being thoughtful, and then he officially kicks off the unit team selection process to start the game. The final results of the second official round will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of 'Kingdom: Legendary War.'