Upcoming film 'Miracle' stars Girls' Generation's Park Jung Min, and YoonA revealed a sneak peek of the heartwarming story.

'Miracle' is a fictional movie that is based on a true story. It took place in 1986, where the film will tell Kun Kyung, a math prodigy who lives in the roadless countryside of North Gyeongsang Province.

The released stills show the upcoming ensemble of unique characters, including the math prodigy Jun Kyung played by Jun Kyung. Lee Sung Min will play as his father and a dedicated engineer.

Lee Soo Kyung will play as the supportive older sister Bo Kyung and YoonA as his self-proclaimed muse Ra Hee.

In the stills, the only life goals of Jun Kyung are to bring a train to stop to his village, highlighting his extraordinary quirky personality, and to send his 54th letter to the Blue House. Park Jung Min made a remarkable transformation in all of his projects that understands his character.

Lee Sung Min catches the attention of the viewers with his deep gaze as he plays Tae Yoon. Re Hee already noticed Jun Kyung's gift with her keen gaze. Lee Soo Kyung goes with a new type of role as she plays Bo Kyung, the older sister of Bo Kyung.

Additionally, the new stills show the diverse chemistry of the characters while providing insight to the characters, which puts a smile on the viewer's faces. Although Bo Kyung and Kung Kyung often argue, a heartwarming atmosphere surrounded the two. She always takes care of him more sincerely than anyone else while supporting his dream.

Furthermore, Ra Hee and Jun Kyung will develop playful chemistry to bring a train stop to the village. They also prepare to star in a quiz show and proofread the letters they send to the Blue House.