Being a K-pop idol is hard, but being an idol and an actress is a lot to take on, but these idols can flip the switch on to be in one with their world.

These are the top five K-pop idols who are also successful actresses:


First up is South Korean singer Lee Jin Eun, or most popular by her stage name as IU. IU develop her singing when she was in middle school and proceed to be a K-pop idol at a young age. Later on, she would then be a successful singer and branded as the “Nation Voice” and one of the most sought-after solo acts.

After being one of the most successful soloists in the music industry, IU took a leap of faith and decided to take on an acting career and be a cast member in the K-drama “Dream High” in 2011, portraying the character Kim Pil Sook.

After her acting debut, she has been successful in her acting career that she would, later on, be cast as the leading role in K-dramas such as “My Mister” and Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” and the most successful of all, her latest K-Drama “Hotel Del Luna.”

Girls Generation YoonA

Girls Generation member YoonA is one of the most talented actresses in the business. She started her career by debuting with Girls Generation back on 2007 and made her way in the acting scene, taking small roles with K-dramas such as “Two Outs in the Ninth Inning” and then taking a lead role in the drama “You Are My Destiny.

YoonA then proceeds to win the Best New Actress Award at the 2008 KBS Awards during her acting career. Her latest lead role in the film “Exit” alongside actor Jo Jung Suk.

Girl’s Day Hyeri

Girl’s Day member Hyeri started to appear in the K-Dramas “Tasty Life” “Schoolgirl Detectives,” and “Hyde, Jekyll, and Me,” but her most significant break is when she was cast as Sung Duk Seon on the K-drama “Reply 1988.”

Hyeri was highly praised for her role, landing her more projects and K-Dramas such as “Two Cops” and “Miss Lee.”

Miss A Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy of the girl group Miss A landed a role on the K-Drama “Dream High” alongside IU. After that, she was offered multiple projects in a lead role with K-Dramas, such as “Uncontrollably Fond,” “While You Were Sleeping,” and “Vagabond.”

Bae Suzy’s fellow actress Choi Kang Hee stated that she admired her talent, and if given a chance to grade the Miss A member’s performance, the actress would have given her a solid A.

Tiny-G Dohee

And finally, Tiny-G member Dohee graced the industry with her “small but terrible” image as she first appeared on the K-Drama “Reply 1994.” She was awarded the Best New Actress Award at the 7th Korea Drama Awards and was nominated as Best New Actress at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. Her most notable supporting role was on the musical drama “Cantabile Tomorrow.”