BLACKPINK's Lisa teamed up with her trainees for a special collaboration for her "Youth With You" stage, a Chinese Singing competition, where she serves as a mentor. For their collaboration number, Lisa and the trainees took on WayV's " Kick Back."

Kick Back is the third extended play by the Chinese boy band WayV, and was released on March 10, 2021. While Lisa was working with her team, she mentioned that she had learned the moves to "Kick Back" from an "original" teacher herself, and it turned out that the original teacher she mentioned was WayV or NCT's TEN.

TEN also shared a surprise practice video of him and Lisa dancing Kick Back together, treating fans to their first reunion dance together in over 4 years. The "Ice Cream" pop singer is definitely supported by her girls as they share the video on their social media platform.

Lisa performed Kick Back on ''Youth with You,'' it is a Chinese idol survival show where Lisa is the mentor, alongside her trainees. She slew the "Kick Back" choreography as TEN taught her in an Instagram clip and it racked up more than six million views in just three days.

On the show, Lisa really nailed and ripping off the intricately coordinated dance steps, while the BLACKPINK singer danced along from another green screen room. Each one of the members of BLACKPINK is all branching out on their own these days.

Lisa was praised for being tough as a "Youth With You" mentor. In a recent episode, Lisa's effort in correcting the dance routines of a group that was performing NCT's song Kick it gained her the audience's respect.

Meanwhile, Rose recently talking over Billboard's Instagram account, and also Jennie took time to shout out their Blinks during her "SOLO" vlog in the band's "The Show" virtual concert in February.