IU released a quick look at the music video filming of "Coin" on Tuesday. In her official YouTube channel, she uploaded a nearly 17-minute video, featuring the production and set up of the material. Alongside giving her fans and viewers an idea of how it all went down, the video is, also, providing the audience a peek at the singer's thoughts while doing the scenes.

In one of the brief talks she did for the clip, the LILAC artist shared that it was the first time she felt "nervous" filming a music video. As it happened, it was all because of actor Kim Yoon Seok, who made a cameo on the material.

Koreaboo said that the Tazza star portrayed his iconic character Agui on the official MV with IU. He played poker with the K-Pop idol for the video's and track's entire narrative.

But, despite feeling nervous, the Palette singer noted that Kim Yoon Seok made her feel "comfortable" throughout the process. Although it helped her a lot, she said that the nervousness was still apparent.

In the end, however, she described the experience as "amazing." She stated that it felt that way because she could see the celebrity acting in front of her own eyes.

IU had similar nervous and scary feelings when she first became a K-Pop idol. In her previous interview with JTBC's Famous Singer, she opened about her thoughts and emotions during her "rise to fame."

The "Through The Night" singer revealed that she felt "more scared than happy." She, also, claimed that she "had no idea" of becoming a famous personality one day.

While there are, indeed, perks and advantages to being a celebrity, the K-Pop idol asserted that there are disadvantages, as well. She, then, recalled an event in the past when the public did not know her.

IU revealed that it was embarrassing, leading her to think that no one was listening to her music. She emphasized, however, that she appreciates everyone who listens to her songs.

The South Korean singer may have felt nervous and scared in the past. But, her success today appears to be proof that she always works hard for her music releases.

With her latest album, LILAC alone, she topped several music charts since its release three weeks ago. Soompi reported that the title track, "LILAC" even surpassed Rosé of BLACKPINK's "On The Ground" and BTS' "Dynamite" on the list.

Aside from debuting at the top spot, IU has, also, become the first artist to score two number one songs on the said record because of "Celebrity." Moreover, she recently won four music shows following the release of her fifth studio album. (Business Times)