How long is (G)I-dle's Soojin and her agency Cube Entertainment going to stay quiet?

On the 26th, actress Seo Shin-ae shared a lengthy post on her Instagram and confirmed publicly she was a victim of Soojin's school violence.

Seo Shin-ae wrote, "She (Soojin) cursed me, snickered with laughter and harassed me on a daily basis for two years on the road, on corridors during breaks, in the cafeteria. She made personal attacks on my appearance saying, "I wonder how someone with a face like hers became a celebrity, she's not pretty at all. She's a celebrity who's past her prime anyway, no wonder she's an outcast. I don't know what the teachers like about her that cause them to give her special treatment."

As for Soojin, she revealed on the 19th that "she's never had any conversations with Seo Shin-ae while in school and didn't even know what classes they attended together and stated that she was "confident" and "demanded Seo Shin-ae clarify her position."

Seo Shin-ae clarified her statements on the 26th revealing that "Soojin would not remember talking to her because they were one-sided insults," adding, "It's unfortunate she's drawing the line saying she definitely didn't bully me or say those scornful words with her bully group behind her. I don't know what kind of evidence or witnesses she has but I want to ask her if her she thinks her selective memory can cover up the truth of what she did to me."

In the meantime, its been 5 days since Seo Shin-ae clarified her position and Soojin and Cube have gone silent despite stating they were "confident" in their statements.

Many are curious if there is something to hide and that's why they're covering their eyes and ears especially since Cube filed a defamation suit against first discloser that came forward with suspicions of Soojin's school violence and threatened strong legal action against anyone that spread false information.

Fans are also waiting for Soojin's retort to the allegations as this will determine the future survival of the members and (G)I-dle in the industry.

Will Soojin confess or deny the allegations again? Let's hope the answer will be revealed soon.

Herald Pop has updated the article noting that its now the 6th consecutive day of Cube and Soojin going quiet since Seo Shin-ae's clarifications on the 26th of last month.

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