It appears that in the end, Cube's irrational response to Soojin's scandal brought about disaster.

According to an exclusive report by Sports Kyunghyang, one of the perpetrators of school violence from (G)I-dle Soojin's "iljin (bully) group" confessed and apologized directly to the victim. The contents of the apology have not yet been disclosed to the media or online communities.

Amid the revelations, Soojin reportedly revealed her position and her agency followed them. Cube is said to have complete confidence in Soojin's words as evident in the agency celebrating her birthday with an official photo and the company's firm stance. This is in contrast to other agencies' responses to their artists' school violence scandals.

It is said that Cube currently fully trusts in Soojin's words. An official from the entertainment industry that asked not to be named revealed to Kyunghyang, "From the beginning until now, Soojin directly denied the allegations of school violence to her agency."

Lawyer Jang Hyuk Soo of Baekha law firm stated, "Because of the statute of limitations of five years, school violence is almost impossible to punish because it happened during a young age. If a famous celebrity is the perpetrator, secondary abuse by fans often occurs which can lead to threats or defamation of the discloser."

Cube's handling of Soojin's scandal is said to be irrational because even though the agency has a duty to protect and represent its artists, consensus and reconciliation between the parties is the most important if the offense happened during school years and cannot be legally tried in court.

Also, because Soojin's fans are concentrated on the agency's statement, victims that are coming forward alleging abuse by Soojin are under constant threats and slander from their fans to the point secondary harm is feared.

In the meantime, the victim reportedly completed the collection of evidence. Many are paying attention as to how this scandal will be finalized following actress Seo Shin-ae's stance that "she received one-sided insults and was bullied everyday for two years by Soojin."

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