Actress Seo Shin-ae is drawing attention for her ambiguous post following witness testimony.

On the 22nd, Seo Shin-ae uploaded a photo of Billie Eilish' 'Therefore I Am' through her Instagram story with lyrics that stated, "I'm not your friend or anything. Please don't put my pretty name in your mouth. You think you're a special person. Don't talk to me like you know all my feelings. It may seem like you're on top of the world but your world is a lie."

As a result, netizens speculated that Seo Shin-ae was retorting directly to (G)-Idle Soojin after she denied allegations of bullying and assault and stated that "she never had a conversation with Seo Shin-ae when they went to school together."

Later that morning, a netizen A who claimed to be an elementary and junior high alum of Soojin and Seo Shin-ae posted a comment stating that "she witnessed Soojin pouring rants about Shin-ae directly."

Witness comes forward with first hand testimony of (G)-Idle Soojin's abuse of actress Seo Shin-ae

An eye witness has come forward with first-hand testimony of G-Idle Soojin's abuse.

On the 22nd, netizen A who claimed to be an elementary and junior high classmate of Soojin's posted a comment referring to the relationship between Soojin and actress Seo Shin-ae.

A stated, "I was in the class next to Soojin and had close friends in Soojin's class so we played together often. In the 2nd year of middle school, Seo Shin-ae transferred to our school and Soojin who wanted to become a celebrity felt inferior next to her when Seo Shin-ae received all the attention from classmates."

"Soojin told Seo Shin-ae, "if someone with a face like yours can become a celebrity so can I. Aren't you embarrassed to go on broadcasts with that face?"

A added, "She made a lot of demeaning remarks about her face. When Seo Shin-ae would ignore her rants with a smile, Soojin would get really angry. That's why Soojin and Seo Shin-ae rarely talked to each other."

In the meantime, a total of four classmates have come forward with allegations of abuse from G-idle's Soojin who has since released a statement through UCube denying all allegations of bullying and assault.

Republished from blog Daily Naver