The pandemic crisis has affected everyone in the world. But, amid the trying times, several K-Pop artists continue to help the rest of the public by sharing their music and words of encouragement, and one of them is Lisa of BLACKPINK.

The group's maknae recently sat down for an interview with Penshoppe, a clothing brand from the Philippines. Koreaboo reported that the 24-year-old idol talked about self-love and shared a few insights on how she treats herself.

The topic made a connection to the brand as Lisa is endorsing a collection of the same theme. She began by saying that everyone is already "perfect" as they are, so one just has to be themselves and love the way they are.

The BLACKPINK member continued discussing her hopes toward the viewers. She said that considering everyone is already perfect, one should always "have respect" for themselves.

Lisa consequently shared the things that she does to promote self-love in her own life. Amid the busy schedule, she said that she still treats herself from time to time.

As explained, the K-Pop idol ensures to spend quality time with her loved ones. She said that, even if she only has a short free period, she tries to give some of it to her baby cats.

Alongside strengthening her bonds and links, Lisa, also, said that she takes care of herself by eating "delicious foods." Moreover, she added that she buys herself something that she likes, especially after a "hard day at work."

The BLACKPINK rapper revealed that having "good food," alongside the things that she wants, and taking a day off helps her "relax." She even pointed out that these things enable her to see how much she cares for herself.

In the end, Lisa asserted that self-love is accepting and embracing herself the way she is. Therefore, she devotes her time to her hobbies, allowing her to "continue growing in the future."

This is not the first time that Lisa talked about herself and self-love. Earlier in June, the BLACKPINK idol shared similar words in an interview with Allure Korea, which featured her on the cover of the month's issue.

She stated that she loves herself, adding that she "never wants to forget" about it, especially amid the global crisis due to the COVID-19. After emphasizing the importance of self-love, though, Lisa took the opportunity to thank her fans and supporters for loving her the way she is. (Business Times)