There's no question BTS is the biggest act on the planet these days as they are on every type of media. However, BTS member Jungkook might just be the most popular member of the seven-man group in their homeland, South Korea, because of the number of times he's mentioned on their various drama series.

Jungkook was referenced in an episode of the highly popular romantic drama series, Crash Landing on You. It happened in the seventh episode when Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) met a teenager who claimed to be the biggest ARMY (fan) in Pyongyang. The teen said that her bias (favorite BTS member) is none other than Jungkook.

The popular show Hospital Playlist briefly had Jungkook on camera as the doctors in the drama series were seen carrying the band's Babinski Cold Brew Coffee. The Uncanny Encounter series, on the other hand, has artworks of BTS in one scene but there was a sole artwork for Jungkook.

The well-received K-drama, Mr. Sunshine, from the highly sought-after screenwriter Kim Eun-sook, referenced Jungkook in a letter sent to the grandfather of Aeshin (Kim Tae-ri). The series ran in 2018, just as BTS was climbing their way to the top of the music charts but Jungkook has clearly been standing out for anyone who has taken notice of the band.

In 2019, the drama series Blessings of the Sea briefly mentioned Jungkook between a random conversation of a man and a woman planning a blind date. The man said that he's got some really good-looking friends, including someone who looks like BTS' Jungkook.

Recently-released K-drama series Roller Coaster Reboot referenced Jungkook as one of the character's "life tonic"because of his refreshing smile. Even the children's series Common Siblings had a Jungkook mention from one "fan letter" addressed to an Oppa, who happens to be the BTS member.

The 23-year-old superstar seems to be most beloved among BTS's legion of fans because he is the most eye-catching Bangtan Boy. Fangirls go crazy over him for his appealing face but he's also a talented dancer and singer. For many of the ARMY, the Golden Maknae was born to be a star and has been recently taking part in the songwriting of BTS's many hits.

Jungkook co-wrote his solo song, "Still With You," which serves as his love letter to the fans. It was released in 2020 when BTS had to cancel their shows due to the pandemic.

His other solos, "Euphoria" and "My Time," have also been chart-busters. According to Billboard World Digital Song Sales, these songs have remained in the Top 20 despite being out for months. In fact, Jungkook's Euphoria is now the longest K-pop song from a solo artist to stay in the Billboard charts. (Business Times)