The Boys Over Flowers actress Koo Hye Sun who ended her four-year marriage last year has revealed the special someone who currently makes her heart beat.

In the KBS' television show Sumi Sanjang February 25 episode, Koo Hye Sun was seen having a conversation with the host Kim Sumi.

Koo Hye Sun's Heart Status

Kim Sumi asked Koo Hye Sun during the conversation, "Are you lonely at all?"

With the host's question, Koo Hye Sun laughed and answered that she go on lots of dates. "There are many guys around me. In fact, too many," she added.

Kim Sumi then asked the actress if she is seeing anyone at the moment. She then replied, "Ah, it's hard to say that we see each other, but I'm in love with him."

The actress further stated that they go on dates and stuff, and she doesn't think she's the only one who has feelings. "I believe he has feelings for me too."

The Actress Reveals She's Not Good At Being In A Relationship

Moreover, in the interview, Ku Hye Sun said that she is the kind of person who is not good at being in a relationship.

She said that maybe the reason behind that is because she's not very romantic. The actress also shared that she thinks that guys fall in love with her for being unique, but then they expect her to be 'normal' after a while.

Ku Hye Sun continued that it usually takes her some time until she gives all her heart, but once she feels that he's the one, she gives everything to him.

In May 2016, Ku Hye Sun married actor Ahn Jae Hyeon. They legally ended their 4-year marriage last July through an agreement when the Seoul Family Court held a mediation hearing about the divorce. At the time, the two stars were not present during the hearing.

Meanwhile, the couple's divorce came ten months after Ahn Jae-Hyun filed for divorce against Ku Hye-sun on September 9, 2019. They fell in love while filming Blood and got married on May 21, 2016.