G-IDLE's Soojin will not be doing a live performance with her other co-members in the upcoming SBS's '2020 SUPER ON:TACT' event this October 18, due to her ankle injury.

Her managing label Cube Entertainment released an official statement for the fans to be informed on why will G-IDLE's Soojin will sit out from the performance. 

The agency's official statement was posted through the fan site of the Cube Entertainment. 

The label says that ahead of G-IDLE's much-anticipated performance, Soojin unexpectedly sprained her ankle while doing a choreography rehearsal. 

Following the incident, she went straight to the hospital for her injury to be checked by a medical expert and got the appropriate treatment right away.

Her attending doctor also advised Soojin to show her the assessment results to minimize her movements to help her recuperate from the pain and injury. 

She was also recommended to wear a cast and protective pads to her ankle until she recovers, as she had pulled her ankle ligaments badly due to the incident at her rehearsal. 

Cube Entertainment made clear that for her safety and medical restrictions, only five members of G-IDLE will be performing for the '2020 SUPER ON:TACT' event, slated for October 18. 

Soojin will not be totally out of the event as she will still be only participating in the fan event, afterward the performance. 

Cube Entertainment asks for fans' support for the group and understanding despite the tragic news on Soojin, as many fans anticipate the full-membered performance of G-IDLE.

The agency concluded the announcement by assuring the fans that they prioritize the artist's health and safety first and would help Soojin recuperate immediately by helping her get the time she needs with no pressure.

Luckily, fans are hoping the same thing for Soojin.

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