Although Jimin divulged in 2019 that he doesn't like to be called "Mochi," it has been marked on his fans' heads that he earned the nickname because he is undeniably as cute as the sweet treat.

But it seems that Jimin can't separate himself from being called with the nickname as he has now won the recent ranking conducted by Choeaedol, an idol ranking service. Currently, BTS Jimin has ranked 1st as the male idol that is as cute as Mochi.

Jimin's Famous Nickname

Mochi is indeed a pretty well-known nickname among fans. It was even mentioned during BTS's Carpool Karaoke. The K-pop group, BTS, was asked about their nicknames, given to them by fans. Taehyung then shared that he is called by his fans Good Boy and Jin is WWH, which stans for Worldwide Handsome.  

Furthermore, as Corden mentioned, Jimin is sometimes called Mochi by his fans, the boys burst out laughing. Jimin immediately became the Baby Mochi to James Corden's Papa Mochi after some RM explanation regarding what a Mochi is.

James Corden said, "Mochi's like ice cream inside, rice on the outside - Mochi." Jimin then responded, saying, "You're Papa Mochi. I miss you, Papa!"

Corden has changed his Twitter user name to reflect a new nickname given to him by Jin. For the idol's fans in the United States and overseas, Jimin is still referred to as Baby Mochi.

The Idol Earning The Name With Approval Among Fans

Just recently, with 46,665 votes or 40% of total 116,984, Jimin won the Choeaedol poll titled "Which male idol is as cute as mochi?" The poll covered the dates January 27 to February 3.

Moreover, the other BTS members ranked as follows: 

  • Taehyung at second place with 38,176 votes, 
  • Jungkook at third spot with 34,588 votes, 
  • Suga at fourth place with 31,826, 
  • Jin followed at 5th place with 31,389 votes, 
  • Jhope ranked sixth with 29,674 votes; and 
  • RM at seventh place with 27,804 votes