A dance expert has once again recognized the unmatched prowess in the dancing of BTS Jimin. The professional dancer claimed that the BTS member had acquired the stillness in ballet and the dynamic in Kpop.

An Analysis Of Jimin's Dance Skills

A professional ballet dancer in the USA has posted a video of him analyzing the dance of Jimin. The said dance expert has a username @hansomedancerk on Twitter, and Youtube channel with more than 437,000 subscribers, Yamakai TV. 

He kicked off analyzing Jimin's solo, the behind-the-scenes video of Black Swan MV. By looking at Jimin's movements, he can already tell outright that he is in the field of classical dance. He is successful in making complicated movements look easy to take the audience into an unreal world.

A series of complicated dance steps have been executed by Jimin, which are not easy even for people who are good at dancing or have athletic skills. The instance where Jimin rolled onto the floor while still dancing takes a lot of practice. And only a professional dancer can do it.

The next performance which the expert analyzed is Jimin's Black Swan stage on Melon Music Awards 2020 with Jungkook. As emphasized by the ballet dancer, being lifted is not easy, just like in the case of Jimin in the said stage. A strong core, glutes, and chest are vital for the one being lifted.

Furthermore, Jimin's solo I Need U stage during the 2019 Melon Music Awards was examined. The choice of Jimin for a soft fabric to be used for the dance performance has impressed the dancer. He noted that ballet dancers usually use soft fabric because it is harder to use and could tangle and ruin the arrangement. It reveals how much practice Jimin put on for the performance to perfect it.

Jimin As An Extraordinary Dancer

Moreover, the dancer then explained that K-pop dance and ballet are usually incompatible. Kpop is about movements, while ballet is about stillness. However, Jimin possessed both the stillness of ballet and the dynamics from the Kpop dance. "Jimin is rare," he added.

Meanwhile, this is not Jimin's first time that experts and professional dancers have praised him. Many dance experts were captured by Jimin's abilities, even the most popular and successful choreographer and director in the UK and the creator of the world's longest-running ballet production, Sir Matthew Bourne.