After the success of aespa's previous track Black Mamba and their recent release of the remake track Forever, the group is now set to release their performance video for the song on their YouTube channel this February 6!

The Black Mamba Act To Take On Ballad

In the previous announcement, the K-pop group confirmed that they would be dropping a new single this February. The said track is a remake of Korean singer-songwriter Yoo Young Jin's original song and boasts a cozy winter feel. 

The Black Mamba act dropped the teaser for Forever on February 4, which sees the group reminisce winter days as they gaze into a snowglobe. 

Also announced last month is the reveal of the group's performance video for Forever on February 6. 

Forever marks the second track from aespa, following their highly successful debut single Black Mamba, released in November 2020.

The group consists of members Winter, Karina, Ningning, and Giselle debuting under SM Entertainment. The most recent performance of aespa is during the SMTOWN LIVE "Culture Humanity" online concert, which drew over 35 million viewers across multiple platforms. 

The Quartet Performing Their New Track On YouTube

Through "The Performance Stage" content on the group's official YouTube channel, aespa will perform their new song Forever. The Performance Stage is a video content that allows fans to enjoy the new song stage in various concepts. It will be released sequentially on February 6, 8, 10 at 6 pm KST.

Since the track Forever is a new remake of Yoo Young Jin's Forever (to all the fathers preparing their children's Christmas gifts), the original singer helped the quartet with their new arrangement. 

With warm acoustic guitar and string sound, the song was reborn as a medium-tempo ballad song that combines pure lyrics that promise eternal love.

Earlier today, the group has finally uploaded their remake of the heartwarming song Forever. Get ready for the release o the quartet's performance video of the song!