BTS Jimin proves that he is famous worldwide as an inspiration for music and dance. He became a perfect muse for creative artists with his ethereal visuals and naturally friendly and cheerful personality.

With the Eastern and Western charms of BTS Jimin, artists worldwide select him as an art subject. Several artists worldwide are inspired to illustrate the King of Pop through murals, cartoons, and fan arts.

From Stage Performances To Art Exhibits

As noted, Jimin consistently chooses Jimin as a favorite muse of the famous South Korean illustrator Lee K in his artworks.

In different parts of the world, the artist's illustrations of Jimin have been displayed and have always drawn attention among art lovers. To bid goodbye to 2020, Lee K posted on his Instagram account his Top 9 works of 2020. Eight of which are inspired by Jimin.

Simultaneously, the Argentinean pop artist and I-art movement founder Alejandro Vigilante likewise shared several of his unique artworks inspired by Jimin. Previously, the artist declared that Jimin is his bias.

Other Artists Who Fell For Jimin's Charms

Furtehrmore, in the city of Jazan in Saudi Arabia, the Artist @Hajer1SH also painted Jimin as the murals of the restaurant. He proudly stated that the murals increased the place's beauty and that many people have visited it.

The famous British watercolor illustrator Hector Janse van Resnburg was also inspired by Jimin in his several works, known as the "shitty watercolour."

An illustration of Jimin from a scene on #BTS "Stretching Class," a video released on BTS's official Youtube channel, and a location on BTS's variety program Run BTS are among the artist's recent works with Jimin.

Moreover, Jimin has inspired many artistic fans too. A fan recently caught attention on Tiktok by posting a video of a very detailed painting of Jimin. At this time. TheThe said video has more than 343K views and 117K likes.