MONSTA X's Minhyuk and I.M talked about attending awards ceremonies amid pandemic and canceling concerts along with Vogue's pictorial!

I.M's Solo Debut

MONSTA X had to cancel their concerts abroad due to the pandemic, just like many artists. He revealed that it was the first time since he debuted that he spent so much time in bed that his back hurt. He went on that he spent most of his time at the studio aside from exercising at home. 

In February, I.M is planning to release his first official solo single. He shared that he wants to show the public what kind of music he does. The idol revealed that his upcoming album is about the concept of dualism, which he has been thinking about a lot lately. 

Regarding the group's attendance in awarding ceremonies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he said that the group was grateful to have won awards. However, since the fans aren't there in person, the trophies feel less meaningful.

Minhyuk's Appearance In MBC's 'The King Of Mask Singer'

Furthermore, during the interview, Minhyuk was asked about his songs' choice during his appearance on MBC's The King of Mask Singer. The idol chose songs from 1989 and 1991, and although "retro" is a current trend, the songs came out before Minhyuk was born. 

The idol explained that they had a record player in their house playing both cassette tapes and CDs. As a kid, he listened to lots of different albums, he shared. 

Regarding Minhyuk's work as an MC on SBS's Inkigayo and Naver NOW's Bogo Ship Show (literal title), he said he thinks it's good to have a DJ who talks sincerely about things even when it's not in the script. 

He shared that he always took at least 30 minutes to look up articles about a guest beforehand and explained that it would be rude to talk to someone without knowing anything about them just because they're a new artist.