Good news to all music lovers! Melon has now released a new chart feature that will help discover newly released music!

Kakao's Melon unveiled its launch of a new chart on January 25 called Recent 24Hits (literal translation). It will allow users to check the most popular new releases.

Melon's New Feature

Melon announced that the chart is an aggregation of the top 100 songs that the users have been listening to the most among new songs within one week of release and four weeks of release.

The addition has reflected the demand set forth by users who want to stay updated with the latest music trends.

On the trends tab, under the second tab, the chart is located. The users can now filter songs released within the past week or released within the past four weeks.

Furthermore, the aggregation method is the same as it is for the 24Hits chart. It will be updated every hour by reflecting usage (60% download and 40% streaming) over the last 24 hours.

A Sure Comfort And Satisfaction Of The Users

Moreover, while various artists get a chance to gain more fans, they are predicted to have many opportunities to come across diverse music. The 24Hits introduce steadily pulling songs in popularity, while the Recent 24Hits introduces recently released popular tracks and trends.

Meanwhile, as Melon's source stated, the management team decided to launch Recent 24Hits after receiving feedback that it was challenging to discover new releases following the reorganization of charts.

On the other hand, to discover seamless new music while listening to music while listening, Melon strengthens personalized curation. It continuously suggests ways to broaden the spectrum of music appreciation with charts of various topics, including 24Hits, MY 24Hits, and Rising31.

"Melon will provide a distinguished environment and experience for music streaming with a variety of charts, a personalized curation service based on the database of the leading platform in the industry, and a series of original content," the source stated.