The BTS charmer V once again went viral among Brazilian netizens! Kim Taehyung's extreme handsomeness made him be known in Latin America as "Mr. Lindo."

V Making A Strong Grip In Brazil

On the Twitter account of a Brazilian music update page, V's enthralling GIF has been shared. The said GIF is from BTS's Muster, and with a hypnotizing gaze, V can be seen staring right into the camera. The sensuality that plays in Taehyung's eyes left the locals wondering about him and wanting to know more even though he is not moving.

Furthermore, V's charisma did not only impressed the locals, but even famous influencers were smitten. Maíra Medeiros shared another GIF of V after seeing him in the local trends. The personality has around 800k subscribers on Instagram.

V surprisingly found a new fan in Padre Fábio de Melo. The latter is a Brazilian priest who is famous for his good looks. In one instance, fans caught him joking that V's his son because of the common trait of handsome that both of them share.

A Brazilian journalist and producer also labeled V as the 'Cultural Icon of the East' who transcended Western beauty standards. The said journalist is from Latin America's largest broadcasting network Rede Globo. With this, the charmer made headlines once again.

Kim Taehyung As A 'Cultural Icon'

Moreover, V was described by Renan Brites Peixoto on Twitter as the Cultural Icon of the East. It further stated that the idol would set a new direction beyond the standard that good-looking men should all be Westerners and macho masculine.

Latam ARMYs have heavily biased V, but this time, he also got the locals' and media's attention. BTS's 'Stan Attractor' has once again done his job by introducing the band to the general public. 

BTS V seems to turn Brazil into "Lindoland," with the Internet's Brazilian side still talking about V.