The Blue Dragon Film Awards' Best New Actor Yeo Jin Goo, posed for a pictorial with GQ Korea and exhibited his matured charms!

During the post-shoot interview, the actor talked about his new drama and his recent special appearance in the hit drama Start-Up as the AI speaker's voice.

Yeo Jin Goo As A Voice Actor

Regarding Yeo's talked special appearance in Start-Up as a voice of AI speaker, he shared that he was told to keep his voice appearance a secret. Although many recognized his voice right away, his best friend had no idea until the last episode. "He told me that he thought of it as a voice actor's voice," he said.

During the interview, the promising actor was asked about the most meaningful works in his career. Yeo then answered, "The Crowned Clown and Hotel Del Luna are very meaningful to me." He expressed that The Crowned Clown allowed him to grasp what acting is, while Hotel Del Luna made him realize that it's okay to act as he wants since he has received so much love and compliments because of it. He then added that he was overwhelmed at the time.

The Best New Actor's Drama

Yeo Jin Goo also mentioned his new drama Beyond Evil during the interview with a pictorial. The actor's acting prowess would again be glanced starting February 9. 

The actor shared that there are only a handful of scenes in the drama where he smiles. Han Joo Won, Yeo Jin Goo's character, is an elite detective who believes himself to be rational and sees the world from a very calculating and realistic perspective. The actor revealed that he had never played a character like him before, so it's refreshing every time he acts.

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo's photos in the pictorial and interview will be available in the February issue of GQ Korea. At the same time, some of it will also be released through GQ Korea Instagram.