BTS leader RM recently updated his fans on Weverse that he studied English while being under quarantine. A photo of a TOEIC exam study sheet has been uploaded by him and revealed that he had taken the test for fun after ten years since his last take.

The avid fans of RM know him to be intellectual and smart. The idol is also known to have an IQ score of 148, and on the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) exam, he scored 900 when he was only in middle school.

The Intelligent BTS Leader

As RM once again revealed that he has to study English continually, fans couldn't help but be impressed with his efforts to speak the dialect fluently as he does now.

The BTS leader recently bonded with his fans over a "meet and greet" for the new year through V live. He exchanged conversations with all his Korean fans as well as his international fans. One fan asked during the Vlive about the result of the TOEIC exam he had taken last year.

Furthermore, RM replied to the fan and shared that he got 915. The idol then explained that he no longer does as well since it's been a while to take the exam. RM continued to say that he did well on the hearing part, but on the reading portion, he did very poorly. 

RM said that his weakness is the text part (reading) because he often doesn't use it. He expressed that others thought that if he read English, he can quickly change it to Korean, but his mind becomes blank when he read English articles. "I run it through Papago translator app. So I'm bad with reading...I failed. But I felt sad the smart people tell me 'TOEIC is easy,'" he added.

Fans Are In Awe Of RM's Skills

TOEIC's maximum score is 990, and scoring more than 900 is considered an excellent score, with the average score being in the 750 range.

In a statement of RM, he said that he is satisfied for scoring over 900. "So I don't want to retake it," he expressed. For cutting 915 out of 990, fans were extremely impressed. One netizen reacted to RM's statement and said, "Can someone explain to RM what it means to fail? lol." 

Others also shared, "I gave up after getting less than 500 on it, lol," "915? That's not failing," and, "I think the smart people who say TOEIC is easy are the people going to Seoul University and Kaist University."