Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi revealed their most honest thoughts in the posted episode two of their collaboration series on January 14. After the two heralded a unique partnership for one of Lee Seung Gi's new songs, now they talk about comfort, self-reflection, and insecurities.

To sort out the songs Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho have in mind for the music video; the pair meet up at a restaurant.

Lee Min Ho On Wishing Lee Seung Gi's Healing

As Lee Seung Gi opened up about what he wants from this project, he shared that he wants the viewers to be comforted and to be able to relate. The duo then headed on to the topic of what song they are going to choose and debated between "The Dreamer's Dream" and "Your Eyes, Hands, and Lips."

Lee Min Ho opened up with the thought that the song choice is between the better reflection of themselves or the music that the general public could perceive as well-received. Min Ho reveals that there's only one thing he wants, and that is Lee Seung Gi to feel healed through the song. "I want you to show your most comfortable self," the actor told Lee Seung Gi.

Min Ho And Seung Gi's Insecurities

The two went on and talked about comfort. Lee Seung Gi then shared that he wants to hit the gas in his 30s and be able to hit the brake.

The singer expressed that he sometimes got so jealous of Lee Min Ho for doing whatever he wanted. Lee Min Ho then responded that he had never really done what he wanted to do. "Even in my 20s, I had a sense of responsibility. I tried to live within that frame all my life," he added.

Moreover, the two talked about their insecurities despite the way they appeared outside. At the end of the clip, their bright smiles raised expectations for what they would comfort fans with.