After being challenged by the "Burning Sun Gate's" first informant to fess up what she witnessed on the night of the club's incident, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon strongly disproved what Kim Sang Kyo alleged.

On January 14, Kim Sang Kyo pointed his finger at Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon to confess what she knows. The informant wrote on Instagram asking Hyoyeon, "Who was the actress who was drooling under the influence of drugs that day that Ha XX and Ahn XX officers from Yeoksam District couldn't even enter the club? You must have seen it."

Eyes Are On Hyoyeon

The netizen's attention is now on Hyoyeon amid various speculations after Kim Sang Kyo's demand. To refute his claims, Hyoyeon personally stepped up via her Instagram.

She strongly expressed, "Come on~ Everyone, calm down~! You think I've been staying silent because I haven't been active, but I've been working hard." The singer said that she went home after saying hello to many people directly, had a few drinks with her friends and staff who came to congratulate her and had pork belly with them.

The Idol Warning The Keyboard Warriors

Furthermore, the idol shared that she saw some men and women drooling on each other, trying to hook up in the club. However, she never saw or heard any actors, actresses, cats, or dogs.

Hyoyeon warned the keyboard warriors that she would just be going to endure until today. "I'm going to punish you hard this time," she said and went on that she'll delete her post tomorrow, but not because she is scared.

"People think you're a pushover if you don't speak up. So! Happy New Year, everyone. Have a healthy and long life," she added.

Moreover, the netizens showed deep satisfaction over her short response to the accusations. One shared that she loves the idol's response and said that Hyoyeon is not a pushover.