EXO's Kai has recently drawn flak for having a birthday gathering during South Korea's third wave of coronavirus cases without a mask. The promising idol held a commemorative live stream to celebrate his birthday via Instagram, sharing his small get-together with fans.

With Kai stating that having a meeting for four is okay, fans began to spark a debate. They considered the recent news broadcast alerting people that small gatherings are also dangerous. And that the ban does not indicate that four people gatherings are still fine.

The Criticized Birthday Party

Kai hosted a live broadcast on his Instagram on January 14 to mark his 28th birthday. As he kicked off with the broadcast, he shared that he always held birthday parties with his fans every year. However, due to the pandemic, he couldn't do it this year. "So I came here for you guys at midnight," he added.

Furthermore, the idol rashly added wrong information, saying, "You know the health regulation these days - no meetings with more than five people. So I'm going to have a small party with three other people. Meetings with four people are all okay."

The Danger Of Not Following Health Protocols

Meetings with less than five people are required, but this doesn't necessarily mean all meetings with less than four people are okay.

As stated previously by health authorities, it doesn't mean it's safe or okay if less than four people gathered. They can still be fined if they do not follow basic rules such as wearing a mask.

Fans got worried as Kai introduced his close friends Ravi and Kim Timoteo in his show. The two appeared without a mask, and soon, Kai also took his mask off. The words and actions of the idol somehow showed a lack of understanding of the quarantine rules.