You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook's production crew has officially apologized on its official website on January 12 for wrongly introducing the recently released BTS's song, Blue & Grey.

Recently, singer-songwriter Yoo Hee Yeol introduced BTS's Blue & Grey as if the Korean singer-songwriter NIve was the song's original composer during the recent episode on January 8. The KBS's late-night music program, however, admitted that their lapse.

The Mistaken Credit

Commonly known as YuSuKe, KBS 2TV's You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook announced on its official website on January 12 that they have caused a misunderstanding.

Though the credit in the subtitles during NIve's performance clearly stated all artists' names as the song's composers, NIve and Yoo conversed as if the music was NIve's during the interview. This created confusion and anger, especially among BTS fans.

With this, the crew sincerely apologizes to BTS, Nive, and all fans for making it seem as if one individual produced the song.

YuSuKe added along with deleting the video clip that they will pay more attention to the program's production from a musician's perspective.

NIve Apologized

On the 9th, NIve also apologized on his personal SNS, emphasizing that Blue & Grey was completed with BTS members. He said that it was his fault that he came out from the recording without correcting the incorrect expression right there and then.

The Singer-songwriter Nive starred in YuSuKe on January 8. The host of the show, You Heel Yeol, introduced Nive as "the exclusive original composer of BTS's Blue & Grey. This has sparked controversy.

Blue & Grey is included in the album BE, released by BTS last November. BTS's V, Suga, RM, J-Hope co-produced the song together with Jisoo Park (153/Joombas), Hiss noise, and Metaphor.

Hence, the expression "the exclusive original composer" was disrespectful as fans pointed out.