After being tested for an assumed contact of coronavirus with asymptomatic individuals entering the radio station she works, the Brown Eyed Girl member Narsha is high spirited as she informs her fans that she is negative from COVID-19.

When The 'Adult-Idol' Talks

The Kpop idol, Narsha, rose to fame in 2009 and earned the title of "adult-idol" with her exceptional individuality in entertainment programs. She has been known for sharing her prowess in discussing great topics in her YouTube account.

Narsha recently spilled the dating styles of several famous idols nowadays. She revealed that compared to her time back in the days, the idols now have more options in communicating with their special someone.

She also revealed that most idols now use DMs on Instagram to contact each other. "That's the cleanest way since there's no one else watching," she said. More to her revelations is that those idols who have cars just have their dates in their vehicles.

Narsha On Receiving Negative Result For Coronavirus

A few months after the stirring revelation of Narsha about the dating cultures of idols nowadays, she updates her fans with cheering news that she got a negative result for COVID-19. Narsha uploaded a screenshot of the text on her Instagram page on December 27.

She informed her followers that she immediately went to get tested on the same day after being told that there were confirmed cases at the radio station that she goes to every day. She continued that her heart was heavy as she saw the medical staff who were exhausted.

She expressed, "Though I do not know how long this will last, one thing is for sure: we have to overcome it together."

SBS officially announced earlier on December 27 that two guests who appeared in Lee Sook Young's Love FM, Kim Young Chul's Power FM, and Lee Jae Ik's Sisa Hero were confirmed as asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

Kim Young Chul and CP Lee Jae Ik had to go into a 14-day self-quarantine as close contacts, although all those who came in contact were tested negative.

Meanwhile, Narsha, on her Instagram post, greeted her fans a happy new year as she thanked them for the birthday wishes.