V is indeed the most celebrated BTS member this December, especially that he is about to celebrate his 25th birthday. With the many astonishing surprises prepared by Taehyung's fans, the Chinese fanbase, @KIMTAEHYUNGBAR_, took an extra mile to surprise their idol.

This Year's One Of Its Kind

Several ARMYs worldwide, aside from taking part in the surprises, are also anticipating to witness the most unique and extravagant Birthday projects for BTS V from his fanbases. And alas! Their wait was replaced with utmost excitement as the Chinese ARMYs put their idol on Burj Khalifa, one of the world's tallest buildings, which holds a total of eight world records.

With V being shown in the famous building, Burj Khalifa's interest increased drastically among the general population in past hours. The volume of searches regarding the structure associated with V also increased and simultaneously trended on Twitter.

On Earning More World Records

For a single 3 minute display on the skyscraper, it will take an eyepopping 68K USD. The fanbase collected 7 million RMB (1M USD) to make V the first idol with a personal ad on Burj Khalifa. The fanbase also took a fundraising world record as they achieved the amount in just 80 days, all for V's birthday.

Moreover, the act somehow blew the ARMYs mind worldwide since this massive project also covers the Water Fountain show with winter bear as background music.

Every year, V's fanbases keep on raising the bar for displaying their love on such a mammoth scale for the idol.

It is mesmerizing to know what length a fanbase can do to impress their idol through huge surprises. It is also such sweet torture of excitement and awe after witnessing such impressive acts from dear people who will do anything to make the day of their idol memorable.

Of course, this is through the influence and impact of V, who loves his fans on an equal scale.