The warm-hearted IU, who has recently donated 100 million won to Green Umbrella Children's Foundation to help young students in need, gave herself a moment of enjoyment as she appeared in a YouTube live video and rendered her voice as a holiday gift.

In the YouTube live broadcast, the singer-actress sang live acoustic versions of many wintery songs for her fans. The singer-songwriter was wearing a cozy sweater and chatted with her keyboardist in between the pieces.

The Most Streamed Kpop Female Act

Spotify has recently joined the year-ender celebration in music and celebrates the music and podcasts that made 2020 a colorful year. The streaming service recounts the most famous artists of 2020. It names the most popular songs, albums, and podcasts and recognized IU as one of the music contributors for the year.

On a global scale, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Drake, Juice WRLD, The Weeknd, BTS, and Post Malone emerged as the top artists.

Furthermore, IU topped the charts being the most streamed female act globally, while Agust D (BTS' SUGA) is for the male act.

IU On Forgetting Lyrics Of Her Lyrics

IU revealed why she often gets her lyrics wrong during one of the live broadcast talk sessions even though she has written them herself.

As the promising singer couldn't remember the lyrics of My Christmas Wish of Jung Seung Hwan, which she wrote, she responded to defend herself. She said that she wants to answer the "How come she can't remember her lyrics?" question. She then revealed that it is because she has multiple versions of the lyrics.

She explained that one doesn't just write the lyrics once and be done with it as a composer. She hilariously added, "You have a 'lyrics_final' document, then a 'lyrics_final_final' document, and then 'lyrics_really_this_is_the_last_final' version... There are many 'final' versions!"

With what IU honestly revealed, netizens saw this and reacted that all humans are practically the same. Others also shared that for their school papers, they do the same thing.