Jeong Se Woon, the honey-voiced singer who sang When It Rains, which made him earn his first-ever The Show win, is now gearing for a comeback with a new album!

The Blossoming Of A Dreamer

The singer-songwriter was known for his stint in Produce 101 season 2 in 2017, where he represented Starship Entertainment alongside fellow trainee Lee Gwang Hyun. Although he became part of the top 20 in the competition, with an overall vote of 769,859, he was cut off from being part of Wanna One. Right then, there were already discussions about him preparing for a debut as a solo artist.

On August 21, Jeong finally debuted as a solo artist with his first EP titled Ever. After selling 23,438 copies within its first week, it peaked at number two on the Gaon Album Chart.

In his newly released video, showing a state that he was busy recording the new album, Jeong Se Woon raised anticipation among fans for his comeback. With him being the engineer himself, fans are gushing as he was recording the guitar. There, he said, "It's definitely going well. It's worth looking forward to."

Jeong Se Woon Teasing Fans For An Exciting Album

Starship Entertainment unveiled a 24-LOG of Jeong Se Woon's full-length album '24' PART 2 through their official YouTube channel and Naver V LIVE.

The solo actor raises the bar as he reveals a heated atmosphere of the studio, as shown in his Vlog. This somehow stirred curiosity among fans, along with his new announcement.

Furthermore, Jeong Se Woon showed the process of finishing a full-length album. This includes practicing a track from '24' PART 2 on his guitar and checking the details for his album and music video.

Moreover, he also participated in producing all of the songs in this album following the '24' PART 1. And after counting down with photo teasers, 24 films, music video teasers, and album previews, this highly prepared album, and tracks will be revealed.

Meanwhile, on January 6, 2021, at 6 p.m. KST, Jeong Se Woon's first full-length album titled '24' PART 2, will be released on various music platforms.