Lee Chan Won, who has been actively promoting as a Mister Trot member on various shows, has now sent his greetings to fans after being tested negative for COVID-19. The singer being infected with the coronavirus resulted in many celebrities going into quarantine as a close contact for the confirmed case.

The Day Lee Chan Won Tested Positive For COVID-19

It can be remembered that Lee Chan Won tested positive for COVID-19 last December 3, and with this, he put a halt to all his activities and entered a period of isolation. The singer's co-stars on various shows and other celebrities he had contacted also underwent testing and self-quarantine measures.

Fortunately, all the other Mister Trot members, Boom, Hong Hyun Hee, Park Myung Soo, Lee Hwi Jae, and many more on set with Lee Chan Won were tested negative for COVID-19. However, all of them were required to go into two weeks of extended quarantine according to the government's guidelines. 

Furthermore, Lee Chan Won was tested again on December 14 for COVID-19 and received a negative result. One of his representatives shared to OSEN that all the Top 6 contestants of 'Mister Trot' are in quarantine. The said quarantine ended on December 15, and all the members, including Lee Chan Won, are expected to resume filming.

Lee Chan Won Is Back In Full-Spirit

The singer, since his negative result, finally updated his Instagram about his condition on December 24. There he wrote, "Thank you to those who worried and sent their encouragement!! Thanks to your support, I've been able to return healthily!! I will always be healthy and happy!! Thank you."

Moreover, Lee Chan Won, who is part of Mr. Trot 2, also shared that many talented contestants are waiting to be aired and encouraged fans to watch the show.

Congratulations, Lee Chan Wok, for your full recovery from COVID-19!