The brilliant Lee Eun Hyuk in Sweet Home, Lee Do Hyun, whose sharp mind and calm disposition help him lead the Green Home apartment building residents, has sat down for an interview to talk about how he feels about his role. The prolific actor also shared what type of character he wants to be if there will be a second season or if he will still be part of it.

In Sweet Home, the viewers had a mix of emotions regarding Eun Hyuk's character in the drama. He takes the role of the leader who protects the survivors in the Green Home apartments. He explained that he is glad that people either love or hate the character. "While I was acting, I thought that it would be good if there were mixed reactions to his choice," he expressed.

The Role Lee Do Hyun Wants To Take If There Will Be A Part 2

During the interview, it was discussed that the end of Sweet Home hints at a potential second season. The character of the intelligent Lee Eun Hyuk, in the end, seemed to be turning into a monster. Lee Do Hyun was asked what kind of role he'd like to play in a possible next season.

The actor shared that he is also curious about what will happen to Eun Hyuk in the series. If there's a second season, he said that he would like to be in it, and if he were to act in it, he wishes that he would become the type of monster that rescues people."

The Massive Acceptance Of The Viewers To Sweet Home

Lee Do Hyun revealed that he had been in an overwhelming experience to have the show released worldwide at the same time. He shared that he was grateful that it reached the Top 10 in 70 countries and received such great reactions.

The Netflix original series Sweet Home is based on a hit webtoon. It follows a loner high school student named Cha Hyun Soo (Song Kang) who moves to a new apartment building after losing his family in a tragic accident. 

There, as humans suddenly begin transforming into monsters all around him, he faces a series of shocking and terrifying events.