Although Lee Si Young isn't new to the action-thriller scene, she continues to amaze audiences in her new Netflix series, Sweet Home, not just with her strong character but also with her rippled and toned body!

On December 23, the actress revealed how she achieved her muscular body and the behind-the-scenes stories of the now talk-of-the-town series with Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Do Hyun.

Lee Si Young On Exploring New Roles

The actress divulged her hopes to do many action scenes as much as she can since she's no longer young. Lee Si Young also expressed her gratefulness that she was given this chance to show her fans her improvement with this action-packed series.

Sweet Home, which premiered worldwide on Netflix on December 18, was received by fans warm-heartedly as it immediately ranked top 10 in 42 countries and positioned 8th place in the U.S.

The Korean drama series is so far the first Korean drama to succeed in landing on the top ten ranks in the U.S. Many international fans have praised the drama through their positive reviews.

Achieving a total fit body

Actress Lee Si Young played a firefighter role in the drama. Named Seo Yi Kyung, the character performed challenging and breathtaking action scenes in the Netflix original.

In Lee Si Young's revelation, she said that she had lost weight to achieve only 8% body fat for her role. More to this, she attended action school and began preparing for the action scenes six months before the filming and showed her perfect acting.

Lee Si Young further stated that nobody told her how much body fat to lose, but her trainer said she has to have about 8 to 9% body fat for her muscles to show. With this, she immediately started working out with that goal.