For three consecutive years, BTS once again takes the title of "The Best Artist Of The Year."

Since 2017, Gallup Korea began taking surveys and published the results of 'The Most Influential Individuals.' Celebrities, such as TV personalities, comedians, actors, and singers, are ranked through the Korean citizens' votes.

Last year, from the surveys conducted of Gallup Korea in July, September, and November, among 4,203 people in Korea aged 13 to 59, BTS took the lead in the best artist of the year poll with 26.3 percent.

Following the superstar boy group is Song Ga In (18.5 percent), Jang Yoon Jung (11.6 percent), IU (11.6 percent), Hong Jin Young (9.0 percent), TWICE (8.4 percent), Paul Kim (5.4 percent), Red Velvet (4.6 percent), Kim Yeon Ja (4.2 percent), and Lim Chang Jung (4.1 percent).

BTS Is Number One Once Again

The polls this year took place on three separate periods starting in July. From July 2nd to 22nd, the first poll was taken, and from September 17th to October 20th, the second poll was conducted. Moreover, the third poll was taken from November 5th to the 29th.

On December 21st, KST, the poll results were released. More than 5,000 citizens participated and filled out the polls. And for the third time, BTS becomes the number 1 artist who shined in the year 2020 as voted by Korean citizens under 30. Simultaneously, the Trot singer Lim Young Woong was number 1 as chosen by citizens over 40.

2020 Favorite Songs

For the favorite songs of 2020, the full English track of BTS, Dynamite, was chosen by the Korean citizens under 30 as the number 1 song of the year. IU's Eight takes the second spot while Maria of Hwasa is third.

Last year, BTS's Boy With Luv took the lead with 5.9 percent. It was then followed by Kim Yeon Ja's Amor Fati, Hong Jin Young's Love Tonight, Paul Kim's So Long, and Song Ga In's Unknown Actor.