The BTS member J-Hope has definitely brought honor to his place, Gwangju. To celebrate his success in the world scene, the city, in collaboration with K-Pop Art School, build a sculpture named "Hope World."

With the global success of BTS, of course, some members are more popular than others. However, recently fans are saying many people now recognize J-Hope as the real gem of the group.

One post in an online community shared that more and more people now recognize J-Hope's true value. She revealed that J-Hope is a member that everyone likes and is the member that keeps the seven superstars together.

With the post, more fans divulged their praise for J-Hope. They pointed out that many people understand why all the BTS members love J-Hope and can see their affinity during their shows.

A Sculpture To Celebrate J-Hope's Success

The birthplace of the Grammy-nominated artist J-Hope, City of Gwangju, is located in the southwest corner of South Korea. And now, the proud city finally revealed "Hopeworld," the much-awaited sculpture which commemorates the achievements of the Billboard #1 Hot 100 Singer and Songwriter.

The said sculpture can be seen on the K-pop Star Street in Gwangju. Gwangju City and K-pop Art School commissioned the mesmerizing and superb artwork.

The sculpture forms the word "HOPE" with letters connecting vertically. When one looks closer, the monument can be seen with engraved heartfelt messages.

The ARMYs Messages For The Remarkable Superstar

21,800 messages are written on the sculpture from the ARMYs in various countries worldwide like the US, Palestine, Brazil, Philippines, UAE, Nepal, etc.

J-Hope's fans have been tossed above the clouds as they find their messages for J-hope immortalized on the sculpture.

The success of Jung Hoseok, aka J-hope, is indeed something to celebrate. Hobi becomes such a #PrideOfGwangju for his famous stints marked on world records. With this, it can be appropriately said that the City of Gwangju is the heart of Hopeworld.