The only Asian to be part of Grazia France's 12 Sexiest Men of 2020, Jungkook, made his fans gushed over him as he mentioned his alter ego "himself" as his role model.

One proud fan who sees a grown-up Golden Maknae shared that if a perfectionist man like Jungkook says he is his "own" role model, we better believe it. He is already in a way higher stage that finally made him satisfied with himself.

The Maknae Giving Importance On Himself

The part of Jungkook in the BTS Season's Greetings 2021 titled "Busan Guy Profile" has made everyone go gaga. The said holiday greetings of the superstars indulge the ARMY with its tons of unique contents and photos.

Jungkook garnered attention as he mentions in his profile that his role model is himself. It can be observed that his words are opposite to what he stated in previous years. He can be remembered saying before that he considers everyone as his role model except for himself. And for this holiday, the Golden Maknae shared that his #1 treasure is none other than himself.

Jungkook On Becoming Vivid

One fan shared in an online community that he remembers Jungkook in 2019, saying that he hopes he will love himself more next year. He expressed that he is so happy that he does now. "I only want Jungkook to be happy and to see what an incredible person he is," he said.

With what Jungkook is expressing at the moment, fans seem to admire his transformation and how the BTS charmer seems to treasure his self-worth now more than ever.

Considering that the Golden Maknae was usually a little bit too hard on himself back then, the rising self-esteem of Jungkook is a change everyone wants to see.

Recently, in the magazine interview of the idol in Weverse, he was asked what has driven him to improve himself. Jungkook then mentioned that he wants to be appreciated for his individuality and the real him and be acknowledged for doing what he likes.