December 30 marks the 26th birthday of the BTS charmer known for having a heart of gold, especially to those in need. What's more impressive with Taehyung is that his goodness was perfectly radiated to his fans. And with a bountiful and joyful heart, the fans have also replicated the idol's good deeds.

With just days before the idol's big day, fans worldwide have prepared and planned special surprises for the BTS piece. V's Malaysian Fanbase has organized very heartwarming support for him.

V's Birthday Is A Big Deal For Fans

In the earlier report of Koreaboo, the China fanbase of BTS V, CHINA Baidu Vbar, created a mesmerizing record for organizing the fastest and highest fund-raising donation for V's birthday projects this year.

As shared by the fanbase, they raised $144,552 in just one minute and 59 days and 14 minutes, $867,315. In total, they were able to raise $935,318 (approximately 1.1 billion KRW) for V's birthday.

The recorded amount of donations for V's upcoming birthday on December 30 is so far the highest amount for a K-Pop fan base! V's immense popularity in China has been proved once again as they beat their last year's record.

It can be recalled that last year, many V fan bases worked together to show acts of kindness to celebrate his birthday. They have donated briquettes in V's name and even contributed to building a road, bridge, and classroom for students and donating lunchboxes to feed children.

Furthermore, V's fans donated to help rehabilitate children with burns and scars.

V's Fans Are Fast Movers

With V's Malaysian Fanbase, who also want to share their immense love for the idol, they have made donations to Winter Appeal for Syrian refugees under the project called 'Winter Warmth for Syria.'

Under BTS V's name, Pertubuhan Peduli Insan Malaysia (NGO) organized the project.

This year, the donations will be given in winter relief items such as warm clothes, thermal blankets, prefabricated shelters, and stoves to cook hot food. The fans thought of these emergency packages since, in this cold winter, families need this basic stuff.