Big Hit Entertainment, an entertainment giant, could not hold the intense force of COVID-19 in getting into its staff. This time, the agency's new construction site at the Yongsan Trade Center is Rona's target.

Big Hit Entertainment experiencing a collective infection

Big Hit Entertainment will utilize the ongoing build-up of the Yongsan Trade Center as its new company building. However, the construction site is in terrors for the time being, as the agency shared that COVID-19 infects several crews on site.

"We recently confirmed that a collective infection occurred at the construction site of Yongsan Trade Center in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, through the Central Disease Control Headquarters," the agency told News1.

The first case reported from the crew on site was on December 12, and as time went by, a sum of 62 people, including 56 construction workers, tested positive for COVID-19. The agitating matter led the entertainment company to halt the new building's construction the day someone from the site was positive.

Mass infection is equal to mass testing

Allkpop reported that according to Big Hit Entertainment, they had identified all employees and individuals who were on site until December 13 and were tested for COVID-19 as a pre-emptive measure.

The agency contacted and worked with its constructors to make sure everything is well taken care of. Before the mass infection happened, the agency and its constructors are in full-swing in operating construction while following the COVID-19 protocols.

Moreover, the agency is working with the health authorities to identify the infection's roots and provide a long-term solution to the matter.

BTS and other artists under Big Hit Entertainment are not on the list that visited the site. However, there is no assurance; it was not cleared out on whether any of its artists are infected or under quarantine due to the unfortunate mass infection.