The 30-year-old EXO member, Xiumin, fresh from the military, gifts his beloved fans a special greeting the same day he was discharged from his mandatory military service,

EXO's Xiumin is officially back!

Xiumin graced a special greeting message to his fans that have been long waiting for his return. The statement comes in for the first time since he entered the military and also comes the same day he was officially discharged.

Allkpop reported that the South Korean singer-actor stormed over Lysn, a fan community, to share all-new photos of his dashing looks and a personalized handwritten letter that addresses his return to the scene.

The message reads this way: "Everyone, I've been discharged. Have you all been healthy? Thank you so much for waiting for me," he wrote. "We really went through a lot. Worries over! Happiness starts. Let's meet soon!"

Soompi reported that Xiumin enlisted in the military in May last year, where he took his final leave last from the government-mandated military service in November. He was discharged directly from his home without needing to go back to the camp due to the COVID-19 regulations mandated by the South Korean government.

Fans are demanding Xiumin for a new music

As expected, Xiumin and EXO's fans are in their loudest call out as to what does his return means for the group. Fans speculate that EXO is wrapping a special showcase to welcome Xiumin, but many doubt the matter.

Fans are also hoping that EXO might celebrate Xiumin's return since he is the first from the band to return from military service. However, there is no word about the matter yet, but fans hope that there will be soon!

Xiumin is the eldest member of EXO and was followed by D.O in the military in July. Suho also joined in last May, and Chen in October.

Stay tuned!