Stray Kids soar high with Youtube views, all thanks to the music video of Back Door!

Stray Kids achieve another milestone on Youtube

The music video of Back Door by Stray Kids has exceeded the 100-million-mark of views on Youtube. The South Korean all-boy group's impressive feat comes in handy on December 3 (Thursday), at around 10:18 AM, following South Korea's time zone.

Soompi reported the delightful news, counting only two months, 18 days, and 16 hours for the band to covet the gem. The music video was uploaded on JYP Entertainment's Youtube channel on September 14 at precisely 6 PM KST.

With that said, Back Door is now the third music video to reach the massive view figure, following the footsteps of MIROH and God's Menu. However, Back Door could not bag the record set by God's Menu as the fastest to hit 100 million views for only two months and ten days, as per Hellokpop.

The unique gem collected by Stray Kids comes after the band's win at the recently concluded Asia Artist Awards for the Best Music Video Award. With all of Stray Kids' impressive milestones this year, the band has proved its intense existence in the music spotlight, not just on the K-pop stage but also overseas.

The music video of Back Door

Back Door is a piece of Stray Kids' first repackage album entitled In Life, serving as its title track. The music video is tagged as an enthralling one as it showcases the band's street style performance.

It also adds a different taste to the Korean national costume, hanbok, flaunting off the versatility of Stray Kids when it comes to concepts.

Furthermore, the music video was graced by Lee Know, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Felix, Han, Changbin, I.N, and Seungming, alongside numerous people. The band's choreography also added spice to the overall concept brought by the music video, only showing the intense skills of Stray Kids.